A Form Reply

Thank you for your interest in Go Local Direct’s, Connect to Win our completely done for you digital customer reward service helping your business increase revenue and  build a list of your customers to re market to.

We provide local proximity digital marketing, Connect to Win our digital rewards service provides a range of digital coupon redemption options, games like spin to win & scratch n win cards. Connect to Win once setup for any local business is a set and forget system, as everything is automated.

Your support desk account has been setup, you will receive an email in the next 30 minutes from ‘golocaldirect’ asking you to create a password, the support desk is for all future communications, such as newsletter, coupon or reward updates you may require, this will be discussed at our meeting.

We will be in contact to arrange a time that suits when we are in your location next, some of the thing we will cover in this free 20 to 30 minute  consultation, we asked there be no interruptions (phone, staff etc) at this meeting.

1. Would you like to increase revenue?

2, How are you re marketing to your current customers?

3, Do you have a Loyalty Card and if so, how is that working for you?

4. Do you currently use digital discount coupons to encourage your customer to return more often?

5, How often do you send out your digital newsletter offering specials that are only for your subscribers?

6. Would you want to add coupons to our global ‘Local Deals Directory App’?

7. Do you have a Facebook Page, Website or App?

8, Are you currently running local proximity marketing in your business location/s ?

9. Do you have an internet connection at you business location?

10, Are you using video’s to market your business or offers on Social Media?

We will cover all of above plus more, about how we can best work with your business to help increase current revenue, we provide a complete done for you managed service.