Agnes Water Artists Draw From Life

Life drawing is about drawing the human figure in its natural form in various postures and using a variety of mediums including pencil, charcoal and pastels.

The human figure offers the artist a challenge in exploring line, shape, proportions, space and anatomy. The Agnes Water life drawing sessions are self-guided and facilitated by local artist, Tamara Sladojevic.

Tamara first studied art in Brisbane at Queensland University of Technology (QUT) and has a BA of Visual Arts. Later she studied in London at (LARA) London Atelier of Representational Art.

’I wanted to work on developing my skills at drawing human from life,’ said Tamara.

‘There are very few opportunities in the local area that allow for personal art development. There was nobody offering what I sought so I decided to create the opportunity for myself and open it up for others that are seeking similar.’

‘Learning to draw from life not only teaches essential art skills it also improves the way we see things,’ she continued.

‘This enhanced way of observing then seeps into and enriches the rest of our life.’

‘I believe that improving drawing skills of individuals in the local area will improve the quality of fine arts of regional Queensland in general.’
‘It is great to be able to contribute to the community while doing something that I love. I’m delighted that people have embraced and enjoyed the life drawing.’

The life drawing sessions commenced on the Saturday, 4 July at the old Agnes Water Community Centre with six enthusiastic artists attending.

Since then numbers have increased and artists have come from as far as Gladstone to attend.

Different nude life models are provided and they do a number of short poses finishing with a couple of longer poses.

There has been no shortage of models wanting to participate, both male and female of all ages; some locals and others have been visitors passing through town.

In its seventh week there has always been a new model and the artists are enjoying the challenge and creative sessions.

Local artist who attends these sessions Liz Child says, ‘As an artist and attending life drawing has been challenging and rewarding. It encourages you go beyond where you normally would draw or paint in your everyday field.’

‘Attending these sessions has been a blast and thanks to Tamara for organising them. I just love that every week we are learning something new. Being new to town has been great just love the peacefulness of this place and the beauty that we have around us.’

‘I love that we can head down town and stop and have a chat, or just stroll along the beach on our own,’ she said.

Anyone interested in joining these sessions, contact Tamara on 0412 615 276 or check out the Agnes Water life drawing Facebook page.

Cost is only $20 per person and sessions are on Saturdays from 12noon to 2pm. Participants are to bring along their preferred medium, i.e. paper, pencils or charcoal or any other materials they wish to draw or paint with. Also bring a support for your paper or an easel. Cheap paper like butchers paper is recommended for quick sketches and fine art paper for longer sessions.

Agnes Water Artists Draw From Life

Agnes Water Artists Draw From Life

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