Agnes Water Local View of Paradise

A Local’s Eye View of Paradise! Stunning surrounds, Agnes Water is the NEW prime location to host wedding receptions, weekends away, birthday get togethers, fishing trips for the lads, corporate conferences, team building days… a catch up with friends!

Call in to Agnes Water Newsagency, grab a copy of the Discovery Coast Style Magazine Spring edition which has just hit the shelves…

Browse the pages and find the extensive map at the back which shows you all that Agnes Water/1770 has to offer…

Agnes Water is a place where, people do stop and say Hi in the street, a place where everyone knows your car, gives you a salute on the road. A place where, if you need something done, a friend of a friend, will call around soon and get you out of trouble, probably costing you a carton of coldies!

Agnes Water is a place where once you arrive, you wished you had, booked ‘that extra night’! For everyone visiting these holidays, enjoy the paradise that is Agnes Water and Seventeen Seventy…

Soak up the landmarks, walk the boardwalk, take in the sunset out front of the Tree 1770 Bar around 5.15pm. Venture out with 1770 Larc Tours, sea kayaking, stand up paddle boarding, scooteroos wildlife and sunset bike ride or visit Lady Musgrave Island aboard the Spirit of 1770.

Hire a surfboard from the local surf shop, take in a introductory surf lesson with a bunch of diverse visitors.

Find secluded beaches and hidden gems, walk the main beach first thing at sunrise, walk the dog, grab a morning coffee along your way to 1770, drop in and see the crew at the Marina Cafe for an awesome bacon and egg roll and freshly made quiche or a cuppa. Feed the fish at the Marina, fish food available at the Cafe.

Drive out to the lookout at 1770, around 5pm, watch the sunset, grab some fish and chips from Beachcombers Cafe at 1770 Campground.
Throw a fishing line in two hours before dead low tide and fish the shores.

Call in for a beer at The Tree 1770 (1770 Beach Hotel) for cocktails or a cold cider on Tap.

Friday afternoons at the Bowls Club there is barefoot bowls, they have food specials each week and try your hand at lawn bowls with the family.

The visitor information centre has detailed maps of how to get to gorgeous beaches and shore walks, they are eager to help out, you can visit Discover 1770 beside the Caltex servo to book day excursions, grab some sunscreen, or pick up your day’s Surf School photos.

For those who know, the ideal place for a casual sit down coffee and cake, garden salad, burger, or freshly baked quiche, muffins, go and take a stroll to either Getaway Garden Cafe, Holidays Cafe at Agnes Water Caravan Park, Sol Foods, Yok Attack, Madonna’s Cafe, Latino Cafe, Off the Hook Fish & Chips, or Sea Grapes Bistro on Agnes Street. A must in Agnes Water is to visit the team at Getaway Cafe and sample their custard slice… made in house by Vera!

Then of course, there are Agnes Tavern, The Reef Restaurant at Sandcastles, Beach Break Bar and Plantations Bar & Restaurant at Lagoons.

So when you walk the shopping centres and you see a well tanned local, probably with sandy hair and notoriously NO shoes on his feet, say hi and ask, ‘What’s a Must See! thing to do whilst in Agnes?’ Everyone has their own gem of a spot they know of, they’ll probably draw you a map in the sand or on an old beer carton…

They’ll point you in the direction of somewhere, or something quite special!

Enjoy Our Home, Be Respectful to our beaches, Catch that Trophy Fish!

Take the kids on a tour of the town with a map from Discover 1770 or .. ask that local you met at the Bakery getting his WICKED freshly baked cheese and bacon sausage roll… ‘excuse me, where can we spot kangaroos in the wild…’

Keep your eyes peeled every morning as the dolphins sometimes pay us a visit in at the marina or chasing fish in the gutters, just off the main beach.

Stay Safe, enjoy our paradise of Agnes Water, Seventeen Seventy, which many locals enjoy on a daily basis.

Happy Holidays
Craig Serra