Agnes Water Museum

Visit the Discovery Coast Historical Society Museum at Agnes Water where you can spend time learning the history of the area. The Origins of the twin town’s Agnes Water and Town of 1770 names, the Endeavour Voyage, Maritime Exploration, Bustard Head Lighthouse, Aboriginal artifacts, mineral and fossil collection and an extensive photographic collection can all be appreciated.

Arthur Jeffery built Agnes Water Museum to house the artifacts, records and memorabilia he had collected over many years. His fascination and research into the history of the shire, its settlement and coastal history, particularly of Cook, Banks and Flinders were faithfully recorded in his hand written journals in 1770.

In 1988 a Bi-Centennial grant enabled a new museum to be built and the collection was handed over to the Shire in the keeping of the newly formed Historical Society. Since then donations and research have added to the collection. The original museum building was bequeathed to the Society and it was moved to its present site beside the newer one.

The Discovery Coast Historical Society Inc. is a not for profit organisation. Originally known as Miriam Vale Shire Historical Society, due to Council Amalgamations when the Miriam Vale Shire became part of Gladstone Shire, the name was officially changed to the Discovery Coast Historical Society Inc.

The aims and objectives of the Society are to collect, preserve, research and exhibit items relating to the history of the once Miriam Vale Shire region from the earliest times to the present day.

The Society will encourage and support all communities in the original Shire to preserve and record the history of each individual community.

Mission Statement

The Discovery Coast Historical Society will preserve and promote understanding and appreciation of the Miriam Vale Shire’s unique history (pre councils amalgamation) and will continue to collect, research, preserve and promote the history of this same area (since councils amalgamation).

Address: 71 Springs Road
Agnes Water

Time: Open Sunday 10am to 4pm – Saturday and Weekdays 1pm to 4pm Closed Tuesdays