Agnes Water State School Chess Success

Chess Success at Agnes Water State School. ‘Chess is one of the mostly widely available games or sports in the world. As International Chess Master and journalist Malcolm Pein says, ‘There is no other activity that costs so little to organise and that cuts across so many barriers. Age, sex, race, religion… they mean nothing in chess.

Anyone can enjoy it. Around 500 million people in 167 countries play the game and only football can rival that.’ Gardiner Chess website.

Students in all year levels at Agnes Water State School are given the opportunity twice a week to come together for a friendly game of chess to learn new strategies and meet new friends.

In week six of this term twelve members of the Agnes Water State School Chess Team travelled to Walkerville State School for their second Gardiner Chess tournament this year. This was double the number of students in term 2.

Students are to be commended for their high level of sportsmanship and excellent conduct for the day.

Win, lose or draw they came back after each game with a big smile and a story to tell about a new move they had learnt.

The many benefits of chess are very evident within the Agnes Water State School chess team… students are learning to plan ahead to make their moves, be gracious winners and embrace team spirit.

The chess bug is catching… next term some younger players will be recruited to be coached by these students to keep the chess group’s culture strong.

Special thanks to Jerry C for volunteering his time each week to work on strategies and to pass on his knowledge, and Mr Gourlay for teaching the game of chess in his maths rotations.

If you would like to have a friendly game at one of the school chess sessions, or have strategies to share, please contact Mrs Leigh Tankey on 4902 1333 or

Happy Learning!
Mrs Leigh Tankey
Head of Curriculum
Agnes Water State School