Brauny’s Run/Walk

Baffle Creek residents step out to secure future for the kids!

There have been some tragic events recently in Baffle Creek. It has been a time for most of our community of real struggle, but for some, it has been a time where they have contemplated the biggest question of life’s many, of why they should go on at all.

There have been sickness and death, heart-breaking accidents and worse of all, multiple suicides.
It is now that our community, need to become more than ever, a family.

A time when we need to stand up and reassure each other that we can get through this and we can be stronger than ever, not so much for our sake, but for the children of this little paradise.

Baffle Creek Sport and Rec have created ‘Brauny’s Run/Walk for the Kids’, an annual fun run that is going to honor the memory of a great dad and husband, Paul Braun.

Every year organisers will try and help parents doing it tough with some fun things for their kids.

But more than that, we would like the entire community to come for a walk or a run, a chat and a giggle to raise awareness of each other, to support each other and to count our blessings for the tremendous gift we are each given of life.

This year the Walk/Run is funded by Gladstone Council’s drought relief funding and entry is free.

There will be a short race of less than one kilometre for kids under 10 and seniors over 70, and two other races of 2k and 5k for everyone else.
Make sure you come down, have some fun, and help build community spirit!

The Run/Walk for the Kids will be held on Saturday, 12 September, races starting at 9am.

Go to the Baffle Creek Sport and Rec website to enter…