Discovery Coast Environment Group

Discovery Coast Environment Group… it’s official!

The Discovery Coast Environment Group (DCEG) is pleased to announce that it is now an Incorporated Association!

After 12 months as a grass roots collective of like-minded environmentally conscious town folk, members have incorporated DCEG, which will help them in receiving grants for their campaigns and community projects.

One such project is to turn 1770 and Agnes Water into a ‘Plastic Bag Free’ zone.

This campaign is underway by means of working with school children on the effects of plastics in the ocean, and better alternatives such as making their own bags.

The next step is to distribute calico bags to be used by local residents at the grocery stores promoting a conscious change of habit.

DCEG hosted a Beach Clean Up last weekend at Chinamans Beach (aka De-sal), with a huge number of people turning up, and a great deal of rubbish and ocean plastic collected from the beach. Thank you to all those who participated.

If you would like more information, or like to become a member, you can email

And remember #beachcleanupsarefun!

Chinamans Beach Cleanp