Discovery Coast Youth Support Service

The Discovery Coast Youth Support Service (DCYSS) is focused on providing support services to vulnerable young people and strengthening their relationships with family and support networks.

The service assists young people, to connect with family and community, and to engage in education, training and employment pathways, maintain safe housing and build skills to maintain their own wellbeing.

The service can assist with issues at home or school through support and referral to other services.

The service can help with education or training pathways and different enrolment options.

The service can provide information about support services available in the local area and help connect with these services, including counselling services, employment agencies, community health services and more.

The service can offer support to young people who are having ttrouble maintaining stable housing or who are homeless.

Young people on the Discovery Coast area, aged 12 to 18 years can access the service. Youth Support Workers can visit the young person, to where they are feel comfortable to have a chat. The services are also available at the office, or via telephone or online.

Dale Harker, Youth Support Worker 0429 498 666,

Zoe Jameson, Youth & Community Support Worker, 0427 170 633,