Koolwin's Scratch n Win

An important thing to keep in mind, these are your customers and how you wish to interact them is based on your products and how often your customers frequent your business location.  The more often your customers return to your business increases revenue, Connect to Win is about increasing your business revenue by marketing to your current customers to return more often with digital loyalty rewards, Gamification is popular like Scratch n Win cards, Spin to Win games they are a great way to keep customers engaged and have them watching their emails for for a chance to win.

Prize wins can be programmed in many combinations of win or loose, along with scarcity if a customer is a winner. Coupons can be set to expire creating urgency to redeem the coupon before it expires, use it or lose it. Redeems can also be setup in a number of ways where the customer may be asked to share the coupon on Facebook in order to be able to redeem the coupon or watch a short video, payments can also be included depending on what the product offer is, all payments if required for an offer are sent direct to the stripe account of the business running the offer, Go Local Direct do not except payments on behalf of the business for product offers .