Goolimbil Walkabout Indigenous Tour

The film crew from Channel 7’s Queensland Weekender joined 1770 LARC! Tours crew and Gooreng Gooreng Elder Mervyn ‘Jukarn’ Johnson on the Goolimbil Walkabout Indigenous Tour in July.

Elder Mervyn Johnson guided TV host Dean Miller and his crew on a bush walking experience through Eurimbula National Park, traditionally known as Gooreng Gooreng Country, where Mervyn gathered native bush tucker and demonstrated aspects of his culture including throwing a spear and performing song and dance.

Dean was clearly impressed with the quality of this new tour and congratulated 1770 LARC! Tours owner and operator Neil Mergard on introducing this authentic indigenous experience.

Neil and his LARC! team researched and planned for 14 months prior to the launch of Goolimbil Walkabout and they are proud to now offer a fun and educational cultural tour for locals and visitors in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region.

Since commencing, the Goolimbil Walkabout tour has not only hosted Dean Miller and the Queensland Weekender crew, already local school groups have experienced it and also Federal and State Ministers, other local tourism staff, international visitors, indigenous elders and Discovery Coast locals.

Local parent, Jada Luanne Cavanaugh provided a public testimonial praising the tour after her daughter participated with Agnes Water State School classmates, ‘My daughter went with her class to experience and learn about the Aboriginal customs and knowledge of this land. I am very proud that she came home and told me so very many interesting things about what she learned. The tour had made a great impression on her and I am sure most all other kids.’

Stephen Bennett MP posted this review on Facebook after his Goolimbil Walkabout tour, ‘the new eco tourism adventure acknowledges and celebrates our cultural heritage and promotes environmental sustainability, as well as encouraging and celebrating what this magnificent region has to offer’.

Neil has been very pleased that the feedback from many and varied guests demonstrates that the educational and the authentic intentions of the tour are being received, ‘We always intended to make this product world class and although we are learning all the time, I really believe Goolimbil Walkabout is now offering an accessible and genuine indigenous tour product.’

Elder Mervyn said, ‘Eurimbula is important as this is where Lt James Cook saw the smoke. It is great that we can record history. The tour brings our histories together and is very positive about educating people from all nationalities about Country and learning about our culture.’

‘It is good for Agnes Water and the Town of 1770 and great that it engages local Indigenous people. It brings our history together and moves us as a people forward. I was once told that a kangaroo can’t go backwards and an emu can’t go sideways, or they will fall over. So the only way is to go forwards. We want to go forward together… we are all one family… we are all one mob.’

To join 1770 LARC! Tours on the 2 hour Goolimbil Walkabout on Tuesdays and Fridays, mention this article and receive 15% discount off normal tour prices! Phone 07 4974 9422

Goolimbil Walkabout Indigenous Tours

Goolimbil Walkabout Indigenous Tours

Goolimbil Walkabout Indigenous Tours

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