Goolimbil Walkabout Tour

Goolimbil Walkabout Tour is a first of its kind in the Southern Great Barrier Reef region. 1770 LARC Tours are proud and excited to launch a brand new tour in the Town of 1770.

After 14 months of research, planning and development, the Goolimbil – Black Cockatoo – Walkabout tour will begin in July.

1770 LARC Tours have successfully obtained all necessary approvals to create a walking track within the Eurimbula National Park.

And in conjunction with a prominent Elder of the local Gooreng Gooreng people, Merv Johnson, a tour plan has been conceived to educate a worldwide market on the local history pre Cook and the Aboriginal indigenous history.

Through Merv’s connection, 1770 LARC! Tours have now employed a local indigenous guide and descendent of the Gooreng Gooreng people, Conrad Ingra, to perform the role of hunter, gatherer and LARC! Tour Guide.

Conrad is a member of the Gooreng Gooreng dancers that perform at various festivals including the annual Captain Cook 1770 Festival. He has a history of working in the Gladstone region with indigenous youth, employment, recruitment and mentoring.

“As a member of the Gooreng Gooreng people my motivation is to make the whole community aware of the local aboriginal people and create pathways and opportunities for indigenous youth in the tourism industry,” said Conrad.

The intention behind creating this unique new tour product is twofold – to provide a quality, authentic cultural tourism experience for guests from all nationalities; and to inspire indigenous people to embrace their ancestral history, respect for culture and country, especially the indigenous youth.

Merv has passionately said he has a desire to inspire more young people to include Aboriginal culture in their daily life.

“I support and encourage 1770 Environmental Tours Pty Ltd in the development and implementation of the Goolimbil (Black Cockatoo) Walkabout tour within the Eurimbula National Park area – which is Gooreng Gooreng Country,” he said.

“This tour is to tell the story from modern day, all the way back to the Dreamtime, and it will connect LARC! guests to the rich Aboriginal history within Central Queensland, the 6 Rivers of the Gooreng Gooreng People – from the Raglan to the Elliot Rivers.”

The concept of the Goolimbil Walkabout tour is for guests to have the opportunity to accompany a hunter and gatherer on an expedition through coastal bushland, then into mangrove wetland and onto littoral rainforest where a gathering place is located.

The Gunya, or Waybare as the Gooreng Gooreng people refer to it, means home, place or camp in the Aboriginal language.

The Waybare provides a traditional place for dreamtime stories, dance and cultural interaction during Goolimbil Walkabout.

Throughout the eco tour guests will be authentically brought back to a time that pre-dates the arrival of Lt James Cook and the Endeavour in 1770.

The informative commentary will include interpretation of the local wildlife and indigenous language.
Guests will enjoy the various flavours of native bush tucker and traditional hunting successes and they can also participate with indigenous instruments.

Access to the exclusive walking track is by amphibious LARC! across beautiful Round Hill Creek. The iconic pink LARCs of 1770 are original US Military vessels, i.e. Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo, built in the 1960s.

Owner and operator of 1770 LARC! Tours, Neil Mergard said, “We are so proud to deliver world class tourism experiences to our guests and are excited to continue to expand our product offerings, even after 21 years of operating, to include an indigenous tourism product.”

“This tour is unique to the Southern Great Barrier Reef and we hope it will increase demand to visit Agnes Water and The Town of 1770.”

Aboriginal Tourism truly is integral to the Australian tourism industry.

Tourism Research Australia have identified that 9% of all international visitors are engaging with a cultural experience on their visit, and that the visitors to current Aboriginal tourism experiences has grown by 9% every year since 2010.”

“We believe that all businesses should have an all-encompassing mission, like a ‘greater good’ in their actions.”

“For 1770 Environmental Tours, an example is that we support Sea Shepherd, a not for profit organisation with a quest to save the oceans,” Neil continued.

“The ‘greater good’ with the Goolimbil Walkabout is not only to provide a quality experience to guests, but also that we will engage indigenous people and help them reconnect with country and culture.”

So, join 1770 LARC Tours for a theatrical experience of hunting, gathering, tastings and learn about the wonderful culture that lived here sustainably for tens of thousands of years. Goolimbil Walkabout tours begin on Friday 3 July and if you mention this article you’ll receive a 20% introductory special discount!

And remember all LARC tours have a 10% discount for locals year round!

Contact and 07 4974 9422.