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Increase Your Profits Immediately Without New customers

..Would you like to know how to triple your coupon response from your advertising, with no additional advertising cost or effort?

…Would you like to fill your cafe, restaurant on your slow days?

…Would you like to make more money from your existing customers?


THE BENEFIT: The power of advertising allows you to reach an audience of people, hoping it results in new customers.

THE PROBLEM: If you want to reach that audience again, you’re forced to keep spending money over and over again to reach the same customers. Why? Because you don’t own the audience.

Although coupons work to drive new customers into your restaurant, the issue is not knowing ‘who redeemed’ the coupon. Why is this important? Would it be beneficial if you knew who redeemed the coupon so you could send more potential offers to this customer?……. Also, consider this:

  1. Can you exclude the people that ‘redeem’ the coupon, and have the advertising company only mail your offer to the the people who ‘did not’ redeem? (most likely not)
  2. Can you mail a different offer to only the people that redeemed your offer? (most likely not)
  3. Do you really want to only market to the same people who redeemed your offer over and over? (most do not).


When you’re able to quickly reach your own audience of customers, you’re able to increase sales and make more money, because you can  send offers and specials whenever you want. It just makes sense.

What if you had 1000’s of people that know, like, and trust you, and you could communicate with them whenever you want. Do you think you could increase sales? (absolutely). This is why you must own the audience. If you’re only spending money to reach new people, and you’re not building an audience of the new customers, it’s very costly. It’s important you build a following you can reach and profit from whenever you want, so you have total control. An audience is an asset, and it’s the reason why all the big companies such as Groupon, newspaper, radio stations, and valpak/money mailer use the ‘audience approach’ to drive sales for local businesses.