It’s All Connected To James Cook!

The Discovery Coast’s connection to James Cook and his Endeavour is not just as his second landing place on the east coast of Australia in 1770… but there are many other connections as well.

One is in the family history of Darren and Sue Beadman, franchisees of Caltex Agnes Water.

As a child Darren remembers the part his father played in the restoration of Cook’s anchor!

‘Captain Cook’s anchor from the Endeavour was found near Endeavour Reef off Cooktown on 25th December 1971 and was brought to Cairns,’ recalled Darren.

‘My father, Kevin, who was a truck driver for the federal transport department was commissioned with the task of transporting the anchor safely from Cairns to Brisbane.’

‘The photo, below, is of him on the wharf in Cairns preparing to load the anchor on his truck in January 1972,’ he said.

‘Apparently there were some arguments about where the anchor should end up, so it was put in the Brisbane river for some time. The newspaper article explains this.’

‘In the end the anchor was sent to Melbourne for restoration and was eventually taken back to the Cook Museum in Cooktown where it is today.’

From The Courier Mail, July 15, 1972

Historic treasure journey
A priceless piece of Queensland history will go to Victoria… and no-one knows if it will return.

The item, a 2000lb anchor from Captain James Cook’s ship, the Endeavour, is going to Melbourne for preservation treatment.

The anchor is officially the property of the Commonwealth Government, but the Shipping and Transport Minister (Mr Nixon) has yet to make a decision on its ‘final home’.

Queensland groups, including the National Trust and the Historical Society, are trying to persuade Mr Nixon to order the anchor’s return to either Cooktown or Brisbane.

The Tourist Minister (Mr Herbert) also has made ‘a personal approach’ to Mr Nixon.

The anchor was recovered from Endeavour Reef near Cooktown on December 25 last year after 201 years.

For the last six months it has been kept in salt water in the Brisbane River to prevent corrosion and deterioration.

Cooks anchor being loaded on to truck

Cook's Anchor Jan. 1972
Cook’s Anchor Jan. 1972

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