Local Author Visits Agnes Water Library

Local published author Julie McCullough from Rosedale, visited Agnes Water Library to chat with book lovers about her latest published work – ‘Fire in Blue’.

Julie explained the background of this book which is based heavily on family experiences and gives credence to the term ‘doing it tough’ many decades ago. She explained many of the ‘Australianisms’ used at the time, which are seldom used in 2015.

‘Fire in Blue’ is the story of Sara and Bill Butler who pour their blood, sweat and tears into their farm, but when an invisible enemy, not only taunts them, but threatens to take it from them, they fight to the brink of death to save their livelihood and increasing family. Shocks abound when it is discovered who the enemy is and how dangerously far they are prepared to go. Lives will change forever.

Julie’s first book, ‘Of Wolves and Wildflowers’, took readers from the golden beaches of the Sunshine Coast to the seedy alleys of Kings Cross, the wide open roads and stations of the Outback, to the endless miles of WA’s stunning wildflowers and beaches… an adventurous ride of love, lust, murder and the most shocking betrayal.

Both books take the reader on the rollercoaster ride of being human.
Some of her reviews…

‘Strong characters, likeable, except one dirty rotten scoundrel…. oooh, didn’t like him from the first instance. Satisfying ending. Raunchy in parts. A great first book from Julie, I hope to have the pleasure of reading more someday!’

‘This book held my interest with all its twists, turns and surprises with the characters. I just loved the surprising ending. Please keep writing Julie McCullough. Great first novel.’

‘Great plot! Believable characters! A great book for holiday reading! Looking forward to Julie’s next book!’

The event was also the formal opening of THE LIBRARY DECK so… everyone had cake, relaxed outdoors, and enjoyed meeting an Aussie author … Life is sweet.