Paddling on to Discovery

Paddling on to Discovery!
by Kennedee Millar

Three weeks ago Discovery Christian College Year 10 class set off on a five-day sea kayaking ‘Paddle On’ expedition that began at Middle Creek and finished at Turkey Beach.

At the very start of the camp we were all looking at it as just a 32km, 5-day paddle, but it was so, so much more! It wasn’t about the distance or the destination it was about the journey.

From getting up at 4:30am in the morning so we could catch the high tide, to dragging the kayaks through 100 metres of 1 metre deep mud.

On this camp we learnt how to become independent individuals. We were adapting to the resources we had around us and making do.

The amazing part about our camp is how welcomed and included everyone felt. The Queensland Christian Camping Centre Instructors, Kezza, Will and Rob, really put their energy in to making it such a great week, and they got to know us as individuals.

In all honesty, we have all found a new respect for the environment around us. We now understand how important it is and that it is cherished by so many.

It was an absolutely unforgettable experience that will be treasured forever. Thank you to everyone and anyone who was involved because it was one of those things that you never want to end.

More student comments on the camp:
“I appreciated that QCCC were so willing to teach us new life skills for our future.” – Dillon Cunningham
“I enjoyed being with everyone and just having a generally good time.” – Tegan Callow
“The scenery was amazing, especially Aircraft Beach” – Kaitlyn Moody
“I learnt that the environment is a beautiful place and I haven’t realised this until I put down my phone and saw it for what it really was,” Cassie Johnson.
“I enjoyed being away from our normal lives and having to be completely self sufficient for five days,” Ryan Chang.

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