Rosedale State School Thanks Volunteers

Rosedale State School Thanks Volunteers. As most people are aware, Rosedale State School which comprises students from Prep to Year 12, is located within the township of Rosedale, a picturesque rural setting with a diversity of lifestyles evident in the community.

The school is located 60km north-west of Bundaberg and 120km south east of Gladstone, falling into the Gladstone Regional Council boundaries. The student catchment area embraces about 3500 square klm with 5 primary feeder schools whose students enrol into the Secondary school at the end of their Primary school education.

Rosedale State School is set in a modern attractive learning environment that is purpose built to support curriculum delivery to promote learning, engagement, relationships and achievement.

It also boasts a modern library, two Science Laboratories, a Manual Arts Trade Training Centre offering furnishing, engineering and manufacturing as well as a state of the art Hospitality kitchen and restaurant facility. Rosedale State School, although relatively small offers a range of traditional academic subjects as well as vocational and also Certificate level courses.

The school has a diverse range of students and runs a Special Education Program for students with disabilities. A variety of alternative programs are also offered through subjects such as Marine and Aquatic Practices, the Bush Tucker Garden, a Cats’ Claw eradication project and a land re-vegetation program. Students who identify as Indigenous and / or Torres Strait Islander are able to access a cultural program supported by local Elders and students are able to participate in activities such as Sport, Cadets and Instrumental Music.

In order to enhance facilities, the school is constantly seeking external funding. The most recent enhancements have been the Y3 Outdoor Educational Centre at a cost of $320,000 which also includes classroom refits and electronic equipment funded through the SSS Scheme, a Hand Ball court for $23,000 funded through GCBF, Possum Gully funded through GPC, Science resources funded through QGC, and a number of small grants. Currently funding is being sought for a Yarning Circle, and for air-conditioning for classrooms.

Rosedale School is fortunate to have a number of volunteers come to the school. Volunteers play an integral and unique role within the school setting. They are relied on by the school community to aid and assist students along their educational journeys and the students in turn respect and look forward to their interaction with our volunteers.

On Thursday 10 September, volunteers who assist across a variety of activities within the school attended an Induction Program detailing topics such as Code of Conduct, Student Protection, Student Behaviour, and aspects of safety at the school.

Afterwards they attended a ‘Thank You’ morning tea in the Rose Café, prepared and hosted by senior hospitality students.