Westpac Agnes Water Ceases Operation

The Westpac In-Store Bank, Agnes Water ceases operation this week after Westpac Bank closed all its in-store branches and transferred its services to Australia Post offices throughout the country. The Agnes Water In-Store has seen our community through its developmental changes since 2000 being the only bank branch in the area until the opening of the Bendigo Community Bank…

Long time local resident, Josie Meng commented…

‘Firstly I would like to sincerely thank Gwen Bills of Agnes Coast News for continuing to provide the Westpac Agnes Water In-store Branch so that our local banking needs both business and personal were able to be continued once she purchased the business from Dallas Honey in 2007, and at a great expense to Gwen – as she pays the wages for staff who man the in-store agency,’ said long Josie this week when reflecting back on the history of banking services in our area.

‘A little history from my recollection – early 2000 Dallas opened the Westpac In-store branch which was a wonderful addition to the community and saving most of us the trip to Bundaberg for our banking needs. Thanks go to Westpac for the foresight of the venture, no other banks were interested.’

‘Over that time, many local residents have been employed by Agnes Coast News to work in the branch proving a service to us (apologies if I have missed anyone and in no particular order) Dallas’s daughter, Peta Winzar, Lisa Wilson, Melissa Smith, Sandra Price, Sheree Frost, Cheryl Baldwin, Kim Spencer Debbie Butterfield (Deb) Gwen Bills, Pauline Lamb, Averill Summers and Jay Bills.’

‘It was certainly a major blow to communities throughout Australia when Westpac announced in May that they were closing ALL In-store branches and Australia Post would be providing the service.

‘Now we go back to Monday to Friday services only.

‘Many in our community have been struggling to find a solution for their banking needs, especially businesses…

‘During this time Deb has assisted customers through a somewhat difficult process, ensuring they were able to stay with Westpac or see them move to either our Bendigo Bank or elsewhere.

‘We move on but nothing will replace the wonderful level of service that our communities have received from our in-store branch over the years.
‘Again sincere thanks to you all and best wishes Deb for whatever lay ahead.’

Josie Meng

Pictured above, Gwen Bills, Debbie Butterfield and Vilma Inskip of Agnes Coast News where the in-store branch has been operated since 2000…