Wide Bay Christian Schools Carnival

Christian Schools Athletics Carnival in Brisbane. Seven of Discovery Christian College’s athletes had the privilege of teaming up with 13 Bundaberg Christian College students under the newly devised banner of ‘Wide Bay Christian Schools’ at the Christian Schools Sports Association Carnival in Brisbane on Monday, 17 August.

Athletes were given exposure to the world-class tartan track at Brisbane’s QSAC stadium, and were also able to measure their abilities against the bigger Christian schools in Queensland.

All Discovery Christian College’s athletes must be commended on their stellar performances.

Ryan Chang placed 2nd in the 16 Boys’ High Jump, 2nd in the 16 Boys’ Discus and won the 16 Boys’ Triple Jump by a considerable margin, setting a new record. Ryan was also runner up age group champion.

In addition to this, Bianca Johnson placed 4th in the 14 Girls’ 200m and 3rd in the 14 Girls’ 100m, Uma Brennan placed 3rd in the 15 Girls’ 800m, Kennedee Millar achieved a 3rd place in the 15 Girls’ Triple Jump, and Elliot Higgins placed 4th in the 15 Boys Long Jump.

The trip to Brisbane was not only successful from an athletics point of view, but it was also invaluable in light of the relationship that was built with Bundaberg Christian College. Future opportunities to team up with Bundaberg at similar Christian Schools’ events, and also the creation of a healthy sporting rivalry with inter schools sports days are definitely on the cards.

As well as a relationship between Discovery Chritian College and Bundaberg Christian College, the students themselves formed some new and valuable friendships that will hopefully strengthen as students meet up at various sporting events, either as one team, or opposing teams.

Given the success of the two-day outing, ‘Wide Bay Christian Schools’ are certainly looking forward to the 2016 Christian Schools Sports Association Cross Country and Athletics carnivals!

Wide Bay Christian Schools athletes
The Wide Bay Christian Schools athletes Arriving at the venue