Wild Medic Project Meet The Rotarians

Recently Michael Stuth and Steve Whitfield were invited to deliver a presentation to the Discovery Coast Rotary Club on their ‘Wild Medic Project’ and Nepal project.

‘We received really good feedback and they donated $500 towards our efforts!’ said Steve this week.
‘We thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to raise awareness of our project and are very thankful for their support.’
‘The money will be utilised to purchase diagnostic medical equipment for our volunteers to use whilst deployed at our Nepal project.’
The Wild Medic Project’ is the creation of three highly trained local paramedics aimed at delivering health care to communities abroad.

Their mission is simple – to bring vital health care and assistance into communities where such care is unavailable and provide the necessary training, education and support to create and sustain self-sufficiency within the communities.

Wild Medics currently have six Nepal deployments confirmed with medics from across Australia rallying to the cause. They are currently fundraising to rebuild a remote medical post in Helambu Nepal.

If you can help this amazing project, donations can be made by visiting the WMP website, admin@thewildmedicproject.com
For more information, phone 0432 473 889.

Wild Medic Project
Wild Medic Project
Wild Medic Project