Agnes Water Goora Gan Steiner School

Is a Steiner education right for your child? “The essence of education is that children should be engaged as fully as possible,” Sylvia Brose, founder of Steiner education in Australia.

The drive behind a Steiner Education is to be a health-giving education, nurturing and balancing the human talents of thinking, feeling and will.

It is supporting and educating children so that their own distinctive and unique human qualities may come to greater fulfillment.

The opening of the Agnes Water Goora Gan Steiner School has stimulated many probing questions and created much excitement within the community.

Over 40 Steiner schools are already established in Australia and are based on the philosophies and frameworks of Rudolf Steiner.

The Steiner schools follow the National Curriculum (ACARA) set out for all schools to comply with but use a different approach through the methods of teachings to adhere to the ACARA objectives.

A strong emphasis is placed on teaching through the arts therefore painting, gardening, modelling, sculpture, speech, poetry, music, drama, movement and the artistic process itself, enlivens all subjects. Graduate students are eligible to further their studies to university after a Steiner Education.

Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian philosopher, social reformer, architect, artist and scientist. He founded the first Steiner school in Stuttgart, Germany in 1919.

The Agnes Water Goora Gan Steiner School has its temporary location confirmed within the Old Agnes Water Community Hall.

The accreditation application is submitted and currently being processed for authorisation from the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board.

The next step is to appoint a suitable experienced teacher who will be fully registered with the Queensland College of Teachers and have an understanding of the principles of Rudolf Steiner education.

The school will most likely be accredited as a full primary school catering for years prep – 6 but will open with prep – year 3 as current enrolments have indicated the demand for these years.

The vision of the school is to extend to the next year level as the students grow. Enrolment forms need to be submitted for these ages now to secure your place.

The Steiner framework, how to apply for a teaching role and more information can be found on

Questions and enrolments can be forwarded to