Cup Day At Captain Creek

Well it was another classy day up the creek on Melbourne Cup Day with plenty of fillies and stallions on the Flem Track.

The Captain Creek Hobby Horse Derby was once again a great success with many locals and visitors vying for the well sought after ‘Ralph Wait’ Trophies.

The track at the Flem Racecourse was a challenge with obstacles including roo poo and cane toad holes, but there were no injuries or falls this year, much to the disappointment of the cheering and enthusiastic onlookers.

The fillies raced first and what a race with legs and arms everywhere. At least this time they remembered the rule that you have to keep the hobby horse between your legs at all times.

The winner was Florie Lawson of Captain Creek. Her horse may not have been a Prince from Penzance but he certainly galloped well.

The men found it difficult to hang onto their horses and their beer at the same time, pictured above. It was beer to beer right to the finish with smiles on their faces until they realised they had lost half their drinks. The winner of the men’s trophy was Mick Agostini also from Captain Creek who rode a challenging race as some jockeys tried to cheat.

It was then on to the best beard competition and there is no shortage of beards up the creek… with many hiding behind them. There was no creative flair in the entries of this competition which was won by Keith Scriven. With such untidy entries we have decided that the prize for next year will be a grooming kit.

The best hat was won by local photographer Christiane Geissler who also took the photos of the day’s events for the Coastal Rag. Thanks also to Karen Williams for sharing her photos on Facebook. The best dressed filly was won by Jan Kennedy wearing a stunning purple outfit, but not really suitable for hobby horse racing.

The meals were delicious, thanks to Lyn Rodger and her team for doing a great job. Full stomachs of prawns, ham, pavlova and champagne made it hard work for the Derby Racers but nothing was brought up on the appropriately named Flem Track.

The volunteers at the Captain Creek Sport and Recreation Club have come together once again to give the locals a great day out in a relaxed fun atmosphere. The community is lucky to have this venue up the creek so please continue to support it.

A big thank you to Lee O’Reagan for creating some of the hobby horses a couple of years ago especially for the club to use on the auspicious occasion.

Please note that no hobby horse was harmed during the day’s races and they will be put out to pasture until next year’s Hobby Horse Derby.

Story by Denise Wild
Photos by Christiane Geissler

Winning jockeys Florie Lawson and Mick Agostini
Winning jockeys Florie Lawson and Mick Agostini
Best dressed filly at the Creek was Jan Kennedy
Best dressed filly at the Creek was
Jan Kennedy

captain creek

captain creek