Discovery Coast Community Events

Recently Gladstone Regional Council awarded grants to local organisations to deliver activities for the community. This was possible through funds provided by the Queensland State government’s Community Drought Support Grant to assist those families and communities previously affected by drought.

Upcoming FREE events include:

Bororen – Community BBQ
The Bororen Hall Committee will provide activities for the whole family outside the Bororen Produce Store from 8am to 12noon on Saturday, 10 October. Contact Jessica 0401 841 279 for more information.

Rosedale – Know Your Community Day The Rosedale Sport & Recreation Association will be hosting a community day on Saturday, 24 October, at the Rosedale Sport & Recreation grounds. Contact Adrian on 0400 588 503

Lowmead – Country Music Concert
The concert will feature Lindsay Butler and will start from 2pm on Sunday, 1 November, at Lowmead Community Hall. Bookings required, phone Tina 0432 114 286.

Lowmead – Community Fitness Classes These classes are still going. This activity will run for 12 weeks started at 9am on Saturday 5 September, at the Lowmead State School. Call Rhian on 0439 984 988.

Thank you to the above organisations for holding these activities in our community.