Goora Gan Steiner School

It has been a busy few months for the Goora Gan team. They are pleased to have submitted the application to the Non-State Schools Accreditation Board for accreditation of the Prep-6 primary school. This process takes 6-9 months to allow for approvals and government funding. This places the school opening in Term 3 2016 all things going smoothly, possibly earlier depending on the process.

Toys and furniture for the school have begun creation, with wooden blocks, dolls and stilts completed, and a beautiful play-stand and bookshelf currently being created.

The committee is considering a movable classroom concept for the Community Hall venue. Inspired by Samford Valley Steiner School and used widely through European schools, the moveable multi-purpose desks/seats improve posture and allow for flexibility in the classroom space, they are even used for balancing and movement through the day.

With the site secured for the first 2-3 years of operation at the old Agnes Water Community Hall on 71 Springs Road, the next major step is to secure a Founding Teacher and minimum 15 students for 2016.

The founding teacher is someone very experienced in Steiner teaching and ready to grow with and lead our community. Many applications for the teacher aide position and part time teaching staff have been received with applications accepted until November. The teaching position is advertised with Steiner Education Australia and can be found at:

For the school to open and operate viably in its first year, a minimum 15 students are needed to enrol. If you would like to see this school come to life in Agnes Water, contact for an enrolment form and secure you place today.

Everyone is invite to a Community Information Session at Agnes Water Community Centre on Saturday, 24 October at 3pm with special guest Pep Wright, Education Administrator for Samford Valley Steiner School. Pep and her family were involved in founding the Cairns Kandlenut Steiner School, and Pep has been on the board for Moreton Bay Birali Steiner School. She is a wealth of knowledge and passionate about Steiner Education and the gifts of growing a new school from its bare roots. The committee is excited to have her here to answer any questions you may have and to provide inspiration and insight to our community and team.

New committee members are welcome who understand or are willing to learn about the Steiner philosophy, particularly anyone with administrative skills. Contact the committee at

Next Community Information Event – Saturday 24 October
Special guest Pep Wright