Connect To Win

Connect To Win-Fi


Go Local Direct’s mascot Koolwin is a 7 foot polar bear, the name is made up in two parts Kool, which is Cool with a K, this represents cool offers, the second part is win prizes.

Go Local Direct with Koolwin’s Offers deliverers special offers, coupons, loyalty etc from local business direct from their premises to the customer by way of Connect To Win, the customer will need to connect to the businesses Connect To Win Wi-Fi system in order to register to receive offer details or coupons delivered to their email in box.

What is special about Connect To Win is that the customer needs to Go Local & Direct to the business location to be able to connect to any business offering Connect To Win service to their customer, unlike traditional options that can be found on a website or many other places where a person just enter their details, Connect To Win can only be entered directly from the actual locations that offer Go Local Direct with Koolwin’s Offers.

Why choose Go Local Direct Connect To Win

  • Improve brand awareness
  • Drive new customers to your business location
  • Reputation Management
  • Local Community Engagement
  • Send new special offers & coupons via email
  • Advertising (Facebook Video ads)
  • Differentiating factor between you and competitors
  • This is a new approach to social media strategy, reputation management

How Does It Work

Go Local Direct customise everything based on your business to cater for your customers,

  • Automate delivery to your returning customers  with offers, rewards & loyalty
  • Send after they have connected the link to your FB Page, Trip Adviser asking them to leave a review.
  • Customer has not been in for a set period of time, then send them a special time based offer.
  • Setup your customer database to send them your weekly or monthly newsletter.
  • See who your most loyal customers are and send then  special rewards.

Go Local Direct understand that every business is unique and we cater to you and your customer needs. Connect to Win requires custom programming and configuration for each business setup, we do everything for you based on your business requirements allowing you to get on with your business while we work on having your customers returning more often.