New Tower At Agnes Water

New tower appears on the Agnes Water skyline. Another large tower has appeared on the skyline on Seaspray Hill in Agnes Water, next to the existing Telstra Tower.

Several residents have approached the Coastal Rag for information and many questions have been asked… could it be an NBN tower… what’s going on?

Upon investigation, it appears that the new tower is a replacement of the original telecommunications tower on the site. Obviously we have all become so used to seeing the larger Telstra Tower, that the older tower blended into the skyline and dropped from our consciousness…

‘Being a resident of Agnes Water for the last eleven years, my wife and I are appalled at the erection of the new 30mt transmission tower next to our house in Seaspray Drive, Agnes Water,’ reported one very concerned resident.

‘Out of respect to residents of Agnes Water, we should have been notified that the tower was going to be erected.’

‘My opinion is that it is a hideous eyesore that I really don’t want in my back yard.’

‘And it looks a lot taller than the one that it replaced!’

When approached this week, Gladstone Regional Council reported that…

  • The site at 59 Seaspray Drive, Agnes Water has historically had two separate telecommunications towers. An older (approx. 20 years) communications tower approx. 30 metres in height to the south west of the reservoir, and a newer (approx. 10 years) Telstra monopole to the east of the reservoir approx. 35m in height;
  • These towers are both subject to lease agreements with Council as the land is Council controlled;
  • The Telstra tower has recently been upgraded with replacement of existing dishes and antenna which requires no Planning approvals under the Telecommunications Act
  • The older communications tower was found to be structurally overloaded and not able to be upgraded. The only viable option was to replace the tower with a suitably engineered monopole of the same 30m height, to replace the existing structure and relocate the active antennas from the existing facility to the new monopole;
  • Given the structure is a replacement of the existing, albeit a wider structure to maintain stability, and serves the same function as the previous tower, no Planning Application was triggered;
  • Building Approval for the replacement tower was approved in July 2015.

Council records show that the existing tower was 30m in height, and the new tower is also 30m in height however with the antenna on top it will be approx. 35m.
The bulk of the tower is bigger however to ensure structural stability and meet building requirements.