Remember To Recycle Every Day

It’s National Recycling Week, reminding us recycling should be part of our daily routine; if it isn’t already.

This campaign, now in its 20th year, helps to focus on the environmental benefits of recycling at home, work, school and in the wider community.

Gladstone Region Mayor Gail Sellers said Council offered a wide range of options in the region to recycle responsibly.

“We have always encouraged everyone to do the right thing when it comes to disposing of waste,” Councillor Sellers said.

“National Recycling Week is a timely opportunity to become familiar with the different waste disposal methods available locally, and how to use them effectively.”

Council suggests using Council’s Sort ‘n’ Save, e-waste or green waste options at Council’s waste transfer station or recycling household waste via correct disposal in the residential recycling bin or composing vegetable matter as they reduce landfill and are considerate of the environment.

Remember plastic bags aren’t recyclable and green waste should not be disposed of in general and recycling bins.

For further information on responsible recycling go to